Here are some photos from this year's Taipei Game Show in...Taipei, Taiwan!Unlike China Joy on the mainland, TGS is consoles galore.

This year, Sony and PlayStation stole the show. According to Taiwanese media, Sony sold out of the PS4 within 30 minutes of the show's opening. TGS also featured booths showing off League of Legends and Tower of Saviors. Wargaming also had a major presence, showing off their games such as World of Tanks.

However, this year on the whole, mobile games reigned supreme. Across the convention floor, it was hard to find anything remotely like a PS Vita or a 3DS. The Vita was on sale too... Nearly everyone was playing online mobile games.

These photos, taken by me and Bryan Hu, also appear in the China Daily.

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Enough with the text...Here are the photos.