Illustration for article titled I dont think I can eat eggs any more.

So...A few days ago I purchased some "farm fresh" eggs from my local grocer. I purchased a carton of 15 randomly selected eggs. *A little context here, I've been buying these eggs since 2010 and they've always been "fresh".

I got home and was making some eggs for dinner. I cracked open two of the eggs and they were fine. When I got to the third, something terrible happened. As soon as I cracked the third egg, the part of the shell that was cracked exploded!

Curdled yellow muck spurted out and sprayed all over my kitchen wall. Disgusting, putrid black ooze gushed out and my kitchen stank of death. I had cracked open a "dead" egg.

My ex-girlfriend who is currently still residing with me said the egg must've been a fake egg — yes they sell fake eggs in China. My Chinese neighbor says it was a fermented egg. Look at the picture and decide! I can't tell, though I think it's a bad egg and not a dead one. The egg white was black and the yolk was curdled. It was disgusting!



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