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"Let It Go" Mandarin Version Singer Dead

This post is kind of old now but it's still pretty timely. As many of you will soon realise later today, or this week, there maybe some news regarding yours truly so listening to Let It Go is incredibly cathartic.

Earlier this month, Chinese singer Yao Beina passed away due to breast cancer. She was 33. Yao may not be famous among Western audiences but she's definitely an awesome artist. She was chosen among many other Chinese artists for a Mandarin version of the epic Frozen song, "Let It Go".


Her rendition of "Let It Go" uses the mandarin Sui Ta Ba 随它吧, which literally means whatever. It's a very good translation of Let It Go!

Here, have a listen to the official MV version of the song:

Yao's death was also followed with big national Chinese scandal where unscrupulous journalists did something even TMZ wouldn't do, sneak into hospital to take pictures of the deceased. (Well, TMZ might pay someone for photos...still the act is different)

The reporters were all berated and have apologised to Yao's family.

But hey, its not all bad, Yao's passing brought life to two young people in China as she was an organ donor!

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