China's an interesting place. It's chok full of contradictions that after living here it's hard to really think about living anywhere else.

There's an saying among the expats, if you live in China for a week you can write a book. If you live in China for a month, you can write an article. But if you live in China for a year, you won't be able to write anything. - at least that's how it goes.

China is one place where no matter how much you know about it, in reality you don't know anything about it. Not even the Chinese can tell you everything about China, in fact in many ways they're more oblivious to everything going on than the expats. Take a foreigner and show him a massage parlor with scantily clad women and they can tell you if it's a sex shop - take a Chinese and for the most part they won't know.

Despite how I'm down on China a lot - and I'll admit it, I say lots of terrible things about China (all of which are my own opinions based on facts and living experiences). However, it doesn't mean that I am down on China, it's just that I want more from it and it's people. China is a weirdly fascinating place to live and work, and I'd love to share more about it. If you have questions just ask them in the comments section and I'll try to answer as many questions as possible.

*I am by no means the definitive China hand. If there is a question I can't answer, I will defer to my friends and colleagues. Once again everything stated for the purpose of this conversation is my own opinion and is NOT in any way Kotaku's stand on China.


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